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Architectural Advisor

On behalf of owners, the Misty Cliffs Village Association ("MCVA") seeks to ensure that development meets the aspirations of the community, particularly with regard to preservation of the natural and built environment and of the "sense of place" that is presently enjoyed. The MCVA works closely with the Local Authorities in this regard, and the Local Authority takes into account the views of the MCVA before approving any Plans for new buildings or extensions or alterations.

The MCVA therefore engages the services of a Qualified Architect to scrutinise all Building Plans, including sketch plans and rider plans and to seek compliance with the Scarborough and Misty Cliffs Special Area Building Guidelines and Regulations and the relevant procedures of the MCVA.

The MCVA Architect's principal tasks

  1. Scrutinise any Sketch Plans submitted by Owners and recommend formally to the Owner or his Architect, changes that might be required in order to ensure compliance with the Building Guidelines and to gain the MCVA's subsequent support.

    Involvement with Owners at this early stage is to assist them create plans that conform to the aspirations of the Misty Cliffs community before the Owner commits substantial time and effort to plans that MCVA may not support. Comments to the Owner (or his Architect) on each set of sketch plans shall be made within seven days of receiving them together with the standard summary of the procedures the Owner must follow in order to obtain MCVA support for final Plans)

  2. Scrutinise all building Plans to be submitted to the Local Authority for its Approval and report, in writing, to the MCVA on their compliance with MCVA's guidelines and procedures and on any other matters that should be brought to the attention of the MCVA, and recommend whether the project should be formally "'Supported."

    The Plans shall not be considered by MCVA until 5 copies of the plans are received, the Building Agreement has been signed and the initial portion of deposit has been paid; on all 5 copies of the plans "Supported" will be so stamped, signed and dated by the Architectural Advisor and a member of the MCVA Committee; and this will signify to the Local Authority that the Plans meet the requirements of the MCVA; Plans not "Supported" will be returned to the Owner or the Owner's Architect accompanied by a formal report by the Architectural Advisor. All plans received up to five days before the monthly meeting of the MCVA committee shall be presented for a decision at that meeting; and the committee's decision shall be communicated to the Owner (or his architect) within 24 hours of the meeting; and the Plans "Supported" shall be stamped and a letter from the MCVA approving the plans made available to the owner and/or owners architect for submission to the Local Authority within two working days of the meeting.

  3. The Architectural Advisor may visit the site during the course Building Operations to confirm compliance with the Plans as Passed by the Local Authority Site visits are likely only when there appear to be deviations from Approved Plans (including Approved Rider Plans) that will conflict with the Building Guidelines; a written report on such site visits shall be submitted to the MCVA Chairman or MCVA Environmental Conservation Officer within two working days of the visit and should include recommendations for action by MCVA.