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Environmental Conservation Officer

On behalf of owners and in terms of its Constitution, the Misty Cliffs Village Association ("MCVA") seeks to protect and preserve the natural and built environment and to ensure particularly that development meets the aspirations and the "sense of place" that is enjoyed by the community. The MCVA works closely with the Local Authority, a number of NGOs and the MCVA's sister body in Scarborough. Scarborough's Environmental Management Plan and the Scarborough and Misty Cliffs Special Area Building Guidelines and Regulations supported by the Local Authority, provide some additional context.

MCVA therefore engages the services of a suitably qualified person as its Environmental Conservation Officer ("ECO") to monitor all aspects of environmental management in Misty Cliffs and the surrounding area, including above and below the main road, the inter-tidal zone, and the fire breaks. In particular:

A particular task is liaison with the appropriate organisations who monitor and control the baboon troops that pass through Misty Cliffs from time to time.

Building Contractors are required to keep work sites and surrounds neat and tidy as specified in the Building Agreement that Owner's are asked to sign prior to submission of Plans to the SPA for Approval and the ECO will make representations in writing to Contractors, Owners or their Architects if transgressions are observed.

When deviations from Approved Plans are observed, these should be discussed with the MCVA Architectural Advisor, or Owner or his Architect; and, if remedial action is not taken, the Inspectorate of the Local Authority will be advised, in writing. Persistent violations and tardy response by the Local Authority may result in "stop works" orders being sought.

Sponsor the drafting of an Environmental Management Plan for Misty Cliffs that complies with local best practice on the Peninsular and with relevant legislation.

Communicate regularly with Owners, through Newsletters and otherwise, on matters of interest concerning the environment at Misty Cliffs and surrounding areas as well as development.