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Invasive plants

The following invasive alien plant species pose the greatest threat to the natural vegetation in and around Misty Cliffs. The woody invasive species also pose a serious fire risk.

Please keep your property free of these plants.

Rooikrans (Acacia cyclops)

Removal method
Rooikrans does not resprout if cut off sufficiently close to ground level. Young plants are easily pulled up and mature plants can be hacked or ring barked.

Port Jackson (Acacia saligna)

Removal method
Port Jackson will resprout from its stem if cut off above ground level. Ideally the whole plant should be removed, but where the plant is large it should be cut off at least 40mm below ground level (below the “bud bank” part of the stem). Where this is not possible a suitable herbicide will be necessary.

Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinu)

Removal method
Unfortunately commonly used for lawns, Kikuyu can be removed by treatment with a herbicide. Use an organic herbicide like Ecoguard Mamba.

Suggested lawn grass
Buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) is a popular, hardy and “water wise” indigenous grass species. A Buffalo grass lawn is also a great choice for areas that don‘t receive sun all day as it has a high shade tolerance. Buffalo lawns are slow growing and therefore have a reputation of being a low maintenance lawn.

Manatoka (Myoporum tenuifolium)

Removal method
Manatoka shoots from the base, therefore chopping off the main stem is not very helpful. To avoid the use of poison, the plant needs to be cut off below ground at root level. If it is cut above soil level a herbicide needs to be applied, otherwise it will re-shoot vigorously.