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Misty Cliffs DSTV scheme

Misty Cliffs' position in the shadow of Red Hill results in an ineffective DSTV signal when utilising standard domestic equipment.

As a result, the Misty Cliffs DSTV Scheme was established to find the most economical, practical and effective reception solution for the entire Village. After evaluating the alternatives the decision was made to install a signal booster and transmission equipment at the Crayfish Factory and utilise an existing terrestrial TV mast on the premises. The boosted signal is broadcast as a narrow beam aimed at Misty Cliffs.

The DSTV Scheme continues to administer the maintenance, insurance and other necessary functions of the Scheme.
The Scheme will endeavour to ensure that future residents wishing to receive the signal become participants of the DSTV Scheme and that their joining fee is equal to that paid by the original group of participants.

The annual fee covers maintenance and insurance costs and may be adjusted from time to time to take account of inflation, incidental costs and upgrading.

Equipment required
The domestic equipment required at each participant's house is a decoder and GF dish/antennae. The cost of the domestic equipment and its installation is the responsibility of the participants and does not form part of the joining fee. A panel of domestic equipment suppliers / installers is available for Participants to select from.

In addition, each participant will require a special aerial to receive the signal, available only from the DSTV Scheme and is included in the initial cost of joining the scheme (this ensures that the Scheme will receive funds in the future from any resident wishing to receive DSTV reception)

Participants are responsible for their own service provider subscription.

The DSTV scheme
Interested parties are invited to contact residents John Hendrikse [Captax@satcom.co.za] 082-820-5338 and Tommy Dunn [tchdun@xsinet.co.za] 083-752-8550, who will provide further particulars of the scheme. Future or additional appointees to the DSTV Scheme Management team will be appointed as necessary.

Funds received by the DSTV Scheme are held in trust by Misty Cliffs DSTV Partnership and are used to allay ongoing insurance, maintenance, upgrade and improvement costs. Any accumulated funds regarded as surplus by the DSTV Scheme management will be refunded to participants in equal portions on an annual basis.

New Partnership
The AGM of the scheme held in April 2008 approved the formation of the 'Misty Cliffs DSTV Partnership'. In addition the management was reinforced by inclusion of two more residents and is now constituted as a 'management committee'.